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Carolyn Cusman

Carolyn Cusmano is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Art History. Her plan is to attend Eastern University this fall for a graduate degree in School Psychology. Her first research opportunity within The RAISE Lab at West Chester built a strong academic foundation while providing many opportunities for skill acquisition and interpersonal experiences related to her interests in psychology. Carolyn received 2nd place for a group research presentation At West Chester University’s Research and Creative Activity Day titled “Mindfulness Services’ Utilization on Post-Traumatic Growth.” Her extensive clinical experience and research experience, as well as her time in working with children with disabilities built a strong foundation and interest in science, medicine, and the overall picture in relation to health. During her undergraduate years, Carolyn also pursued her love for the arts and received the Daedalus Literary Magazine’s 2023 1st place award for photography; this photography includes moments she captured while in both France and the United States. Carolyn has previous teaching experience from tutoring university students in the course History and Systems of Psychology. A delight in history, architecture, geography, and how cultures and artists of the past created outlets of expression throughout the most beautiful and tragic points in time is what captivates Carolyn about the field of art history. Her vision for her future career is to teach art history courses while pursuing her other artistic and scientific passions.



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