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Andrea E. Caserta

As a teenager, Andrea attempted to read the complete Penguin Classics. After further literature explorations, Andrea switched to world history at Georgetown U. Her favorite professors included dissidents turned post-communist leaders. Andrea’s first full-time job was at Cambridge U. Press. Over the years, Andrea’s historical research has concentrated on international migration, nationalism and ethnic conflict, democratization processes, corporate values, and more than 3,000 biographies. In 2007, inspired by her experiences as a catechist and intern coordinator, Andrea became a Humanities teacher. As a result, Andrea’s past affiliations include the U.S. Senate, American Farmland Trust, the College of William and Mary, Columbia U., Johns Hopkins’ CTY program, both Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic schools, and a handful of other secondary schools. When not working with or for students, Andrea loves to explore new places near and far!



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