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Clement Harrold Chess - Clubs - Enrichment Courses
Jen Dunlap English - SATs
Mary-Jacinta McCowen Anne of Green Gables - Clubs
Mary-Anna Banujayan GCSE Biology - GCSEs
Ella Inedia GCSE Biology - GCSEs
Natasha Duquette Clubs - Jane Austen
Theodore Harrold Chess - Clubs
Marystella Ramirez Guerra AP Level - World History
Mary Hughes Math: Pre-Calculus
Emily Curry AP Level - Latin
Amy Gamez AP Level - Art History
John F. Rice Enrichment Courses - Film Making
Dr. Michael Welker Clubs - The Lord of the Rings
Helen Harrold AP Level - GCSEs - Microeconomics
Kenton E. Biffert AP Level - Human Geography
Roy Peachey AP Level - European History
Liz Frost AP Level - English Literature
John Pontifex AP Level - English Language & Composition
Mary O’Toole AP Chemistry - AP Level
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