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SAT Math

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Course Overview

Welcome to our SAT Math prep course, designed to equip students with the knowledge and strategies necessary to excel in the math section of the digital SAT. Each week, we will delve into a specific topic, providing comprehensive instruction and targeted practice to strengthen students’ mathematical skills and enhance their test-taking strategies.

Success in the SAT Math section requires more than just mathematical proficiency; it demands strategic preparation. Our expert instructors will guide students through various exam strategies, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the test day. Additionally, Desmos (the SAT calculator) coaching will be integrated into the course to familiarize students with this essential tool.

Key topics covered:

Targeted SAT instruction delivered by expert and engaging instructors
Comprehensive coverage of key test content and effective test-taking strategies
Small class sizes ensure personalized attention for every student
Access to real past papers facilitates targeted practice and progress tracking
Memorization of essential formulas integrated into each session

What is included?

Our course features weekly hour-long Zoom classes scheduled to conclude before an upcoming SAT testing date. While each session is unique, students are encouraged to attend multiple classes to reinforce their learning and skills.

To derive maximum benefit from the course, students should allocate a minimum of 4 hours per week. This includes an hour of pre-class preparation, a one-hour live session, and a two-hour homework assignment focused on the topic covered. However, students who prefer to solely attend classes, with the approval of their parents, are welcome to do so.

In addition to rigorous instruction and practice, we incorporate fun math activities to keep students engaged and motivated. We believe that enjoyable learning experiences contribute to better retention and understanding.

Upon completion of the course, every student can expect a significant improvement in their test scores. Furthermore, the skills acquired will also prove invaluable for students preparing for ACT exams.

Join us on the journey to SAT success, where each session brings you closer to unlocking your full potential in mathematics!

Every student will see a marked improvement in their test scores. This course will also be of great value to those doing ACT exams.

"Just got back my SAT score. I achieved 1450! Miles ahead of anything I had hoped for. Thank you for your help in teaching me, it definitely made a difference compared to the 1210 I originally had on my PSAT. Very happy! I’m going to go and celebrate now. Thanks so much for all your help again!!"

Student C. (Nov '23)

"Thank you also for all the knowledge and wisdom that you impart each Tuesday to the kids. L really enjoys your class."

Parent (Dec '23)

"Thank you so much for teaching SAT math this year! I really appreciate the time and work you put into it. My math score has definitely been steadily improving."

S. Sankel (May '24)

Start On August 27, 2024
Duration 15 weeks
Level SAT
Day & Time Tuesdays@
UK 3:30 PM
EST 10:30 AM
Price £250.00

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