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SAT English & Math Course

About Instructor

SAT English & Math Prep Course Overview

Welcome to our Summer SAT English & Math Prep Course, designed to equip students with the skills necessary to excel in the SAT Reading and Writing segments as well as the Math segment. Throughout the duration of the course, students will engage in targeted practice sessions aimed at enhancing inferential skills, mastering grammar and punctuation rules, and expanding their vocabulary along with the study of Math concepts and mastery.
Success in the SAT requires a multifaceted approach, combining knowledge acquisition with extensive practice. Our course is tailored to provide students with both essential components of preparation. Additionally, we will delve into key strategies for the SAT, recognizing the importance of effective strategizing in achieving optimal results. Regardless of their initial proficiency level, this course caters to students of all abilities.

Key Topics Covered

Identifying and answering evidence-based questions
Understanding the structure and purpose of given texts
Identifying central ideas and themes
Mastery of grammatical concepts and punctuation rules
Inference skills development through context, logic, and tone analysis
Extensive grammar and punctuation practice
Error identification and correction techniques
Effective phrasing for clarity and coherence
Building SAT-specific vocabulary
Rigorous practice sessions
Advanced Math
Problem-Solving and Data Analysis
Geometry and Trigonometry

What's Included

Our course comprises 3-hour Zoom classes.
To maximize learning outcomes, students are required to do an hour of pre-class preparation, a live session, and a two-hour homework assignment based on the topic covered. However, students who prefer to solely attend classes, with the approval of their parents, are welcome to do so.
In addition to utilizing resources from Khan Academy and other trusted platforms, we incorporate engaging activities to maintain student interest and foster active participation. We firmly believe that injecting elements of fun into exam preparation enhances the learning experience.
Upon completion of the course, every student can expect a noticeable enhancement in their test scores. Furthermore, the skills acquired will prove invaluable for students preparing for ACT exams as well.
Join us on the journey to SAT success, where every session brings you closer to unlocking your full potential in English language & Math proficiency!

The course runs Monday to Friday with a 3 hour long live zoom.

Start On June 17, 2024
Duration 1 week
Level SAT
Day & Time Daily Mondays - Friday@
UK 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
ET 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Price £220.00

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