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High School Music Theory

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This advanced music theory course will be suitable for a student wishing to go further in their music theory studies. It may give them high school credits, take them up to AP Music Theory, or get them well on their way to the UK ABRSM grade 8 qualification. Students cultivate their understanding of music theory through analyzing performed and notated music as they explore concepts like pitch, rhythm, form, and musical design. The students will have access to the extensive College Board resources which include videos, multiple choice, and topic questions. The content of the course includes.

Unit 1: Music Fundamentals I: Pitch, Major Scales, and Key Signatures, Rhythm, Meter, and Expressive Elements
Unit 2: Music Fundamentals II: Minor Scales and Key Signatures, Melody, Timbre, and Texture
Unit 3: Music Fundamentals III: Triads and Seventh Chords
Unit 4: Harmony and Voice Leading I: Chord Function, Cadence, and Phrase
Unit 5: Harmony and Voice Leading II: Chord Progressions and Predominant Function
Unit 6: Harmony and Voice Leading III: Embellishments, Motives, and Melodic Devices
Unit 7: Harmony and Voice Leading IV: Secondary Function
Unit 8: Modes and Form

Start On September 3, 2024
Duration 30 weeks
Level High School Courses
Day & Time Tuesdays@
UK 1:00 PM
EST 8:00 AM
Price £400.00

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