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High School Business Studies

About Instructor

Course Overview

The Business Studies course offers students a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of business operations, management, and the wider economic environment.

Throughout the course, students will explore key concepts such as the role of business in society, types of business ownership, the functions of business operations, marketing, finance, human resources, and the external influences affecting business decision-making. Emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking skills and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world business scenarios.

Students will engage with case studies, multimedia resources, and interactive activities to deepen their understanding of business concepts and their practical applications. We will watch lots of videos, play interactive games, and do some role plays. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to analyse and evaluate the performance of businesses, such as Amazon, Tesco, Tesla, and Google, assess the impact of ethical and environmental considerations, and develop informed perspectives on contemporary business issues.

Students have found this course interesting, fun, and relevant to the world they see around them.

What is Included?

This link from the BBC will give you an insight into some of the topics on the course.


Each week there will be a one-hour live Zoom and the students will have set work for the rest of the week including marked homework. The assigned work will be a combination of videos, textbooks, and self-marking assessments. The course will ideally be done over two years, however, if your child has already begun studying this course or wants to take it on in a year they can do so. I will try to assist with this.

This course is suitable for high school business credit. Some UK students will do the same course for a UK GCSE qualification.

Start On September 9, 2024
Duration 32 weeks
Level High School Courses
Day & Time Mondays@
UK 12:00 PM
EST 7:00 AM
Price £400.00

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