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GCSE English

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Course Overview

The Cambridge IGCSE course, available in both a one-year and two-year format, will help students gain a deeper understanding of the English language and the art of effective communication, as they hone their reading, writing and analytical skills.

The course covers a wide variety of texts, from classical to contemporary, including works of literature (drama, prose and poetry alike), non-fiction and media, used to develop students’ critical thinking and rhetorical skills as well as their skills of understanding the main ideas of a text; interpreting them and identifying their underlying meaning; comparing and synthesising multiple texts; critically evaluating texts and their authors’ perspectives and using evidence selectively and effectively. 

Further, students will learn to effectively, clearly and imaginatively communicate their ideas in both formal and informal settings, in the form of persuasive essays, articles, letters, reports and speeches on the one hand and spoken English on the other. The course also emphasises linguistic accuracy, encouraging students to master accurate spelling, punctuation and a wide range of vocabulary and sentence structures, in order to enable them to write in a clear, coherent, well-organised and insightful manner.

When are the classes?

The live zoom meetings will be on Thursdays at 10am UK time.

Start On September 12, 2024
Duration 32 weeks
Level GCSE
Day & Time Thursdays@
10:00 AM
Price £400.00

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