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Have no fear, Shakespeare doesn’t have to be difficult! In this 15-week course, students will not only perform the timeless works of William Shakespeare but also learn techniques to understand and enjoy them.

Over several weeks, students will explore a selection of Shakespeare’s most iconic plays, dissecting their themes, characters, and historical contexts. From the romantic tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” to the political intrigue of “Macbeth,” each week will bring a new opportunity to delve into the depth and complexity of Shakespearean drama.

From the Globe Theatre to the silver screen, Shakespeare’s influence can be felt across centuries of storytelling, each week after reading sections of Shakespeare’s plays, we will explore modern adaptations and interpretations of his work.

Whether you’re a seasoned Shakespeare enthusiast or new to his plays, this course offers something for everyone. Join us as we journey through the Bard’s world of love, tragedy, comedy, and history, and discover the timeless relevance of his stories to our lives today.

Start On September 4, 2024
Duration 15 weeks
Level Enrichment Class
Day & Time Wednesdays@
UK 2:00 PM
EST 9:00 AM
Price £150.00

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