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If you ever find yourself in an office environment, you will no doubt encounter Microsoft Excel. It is without doubt the most used and most useful software in business. Yet the onus is often on the employee to get to grips with the software and to train themselves outside of work or use experience from previous work.

Do you want to get a unique edge over your peers when entering the workforce? Having a completed course in Excel noted on your CV or resume will do just that.

Even now you can use Excel for your day-to-day activities: use Excel to plan a trip, budget your enterprise, set up a timetable, or to plan and analyse a personal project. …

For these and more, Excel provides time-efficient ways to run efficient calculations, organise your data, present them as graphs, and use logical statements to seamlessly processes multiple steps in one stroke.

This course will offer the chance to interact with a live Excel spreadsheet with other students and the teacher. We will create mini projects together with the teacher providing different examples of using the tools that Excel provide. During the lesson, each of you will create your own spreadsheets and projects live with the teacher’s work always available as a guide.

By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own mini projects on your own and have an insight into the power of Excel’s tools.


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Start On September 12, 2024
Duration 15 weeks
Level Enrichment Class
Day & Time
Price £150.00

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