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Chess is not merely a game; rather it is a clash of minds, a clash of warriors on the board, and a clash that resonates at least 1500 years back into history. Chess brings with it a creed, a code, and a culture.

Chess brings with it many benefits. Physically, it trains both hemispheres of the brain, it improves memory, and it promotes creativity. Mentally, chess sharpens the mind insofar as it requires the use of logic and the ability to develop and implement strategies in order to gain the upper hand. Chess also helps to develop an ability to concentrate for long periods. These benefits make chess a perfect avenue through which to develop and train young minds in these areas.

While online chess is different from playing over the board, it brings with it the challenge and the opportunity of playing opponents that are more advanced. By playing online chess against stronger opponents, your child will improve more quickly in their chess abilities.

Furthermore, chess is an excellent discipline for high schoolers, teaching them habits which will accompany them into adulthood. Every chess club player must learn something called “chess courtesy”. Victory must be taken with respect for one’s opponent, and defeat provides an opportunity to analyse and learn from one’s mistakes.

During the weeks that this chess club takes place, there will be the opportunity to learn about famous players, the heritage of the game and its fascinating history. There will also be lessons which help students learn how to develop winning strategies that will help them achieve success, both over the board but also in life. Regarding the content of these lessons, the plan is to teach principles of the opening, the middle, and the end game and then put these principles into practice.

Students should already be able to play chess and have no more than a 1200 rating on Chess.com (There is no age requirement for this course but rather a chess ability.)

"My 14yo is in this class right now, and it is the high point of his week. He loves the teacher, says he learns something new that changes his game play every week, and enjoys the other kids."

K. Seccan (March '24)

"Thank you organising the chess club. Both of my kids enjoy the classes and Theodore is a great teacher. I'm really thankful that it is taught by somebody my kids find him inspiring, encouraging and they like him!🙂 I'm starting to think about the next academic year and looking for new online courses for them."

A. Jones (March '24)

"My son REALLY enjoyed the Chess Club with Theodore this semester! He never wanted to miss a class. He liked chess before, but the club really sparked his interest and he started to play much more and began to "study" it. He can't wait for the next session to start up again!"


Start On September 4, 2024
Duration 15 weeks
Level Enrichment Class
Day & Time Wednesdays@
UK 2:00 PM
EST 9:00 AM
Price £150.00

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