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Jane Austen’s Persuasion (13+)

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An Enrichment Book Club

Jane Austen’s Persuasion is a story of forgiveness and second chances. Its naval hero, Captain Frederick Wentworth, returns home to England after successfully fighting in the Napoleonic Wars and is reunited with the intelligent, poetry-loving, pensive heroine Anne Elliot. An edifying story of constancy in love and friendship, Persuasion has inspired many adaptations for stage, film, and television.

In the 15 weeks of this book study, Jane Austen’s background as a Christian living in the South of England during the Georgian and Regency periods will be covered. We will consider the clergymen, poets, novelists, and hymn writers whose writing she read and admired to more deeply understand her narrative style and character development. Comments Jane Austen made to family and friends in her own letters – on subjects such as the navy, religion, and marriage – will also provide important context for understanding the events and conversations in Persuasion.

Students will be encouraged to prepare answers to forum questions within their own reading journals in between the weekly discussion sessions online. Dr. Duquette will draw on her twenty years of teaching Jane Austen’s novels in their cultural and historical context to bring the reading for each week to life, drawing participants into the dynamic world of Jane Austen, her settings, and her characters. Students may also want to acquire a copy of Dr. Duquette’s book, 30-Day Journey with Jane Austen (Fortress Press, 2020), as supplemental reading to further understand the centrality of Jane Austen’s own daily activities, such as piano playing, walking, and prayer.

For this Autumn’s Persuasion book club, students can be reading as they go through the online sessions, although it would be beneficial if they could take some time to read the novel over the Summer in order to be as prepared as possible for Autumn.

Students age: 14+

Start On September 20, 2024
Duration 15 weeks
Level Enrichment Class
Day & Time Fridays @
UK 5:00 PM
EST 12:00 PM
Price £150.00

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