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AP World History: Modern

About Instructor

Course Overview

This fast-paced, college-level course covers all inhabited continents from 1200 to Today. However, we will start with a very brief overview of selected human societies before that date. Throughout our explorations, we will consider possible reasons why history has occurred as it did and what lessons the past offers for the future of humanity.

Since this is a global survey, Europe (West, Central, and East) will be touched upon in relation to the rest of the world, but not more extensively than any other region. However, multiple sub-topics will incorporate reflections on the conduct and impact of Christian communities.

Key Themes

  • ·similarities and differences,
  •  causes and effects, and
  • changes over time or continuities,
  •  across time and space within
  •  politics,
  •  economics,
  •  social relationships,
  •  religious beliefs and values,
  •  cultural expression, and
  •  technological inventions.

Topics Covered

1. Early Foundations
2. 1200-1450
3. Global Interactions, 1450-1750
4. Age of Revolutions, 1750-1900
5. The 20th Century, 1900-2000

Our sources will be a mixture of primary sources, images of artifacts, and secondary sources. There will be a textbook, but it will not be used for every sub-topic. Expect to read or complete tasks for at least an hour a day. The effort you make on assigned tasks and suggested activities will influence your performance.

An emphasis will be placed on becoming a skilled and original analytical thinker, both orally and in writing. Whenever possible, projects will be interactive.

The final 3.25 hour AP exam will consist of:

· Analyzing multiple types of documents,
· Answering 55 stimulus-based multiple-choice questions in less than an hour,
· Responding to 3 sets of short answer questions,
· and Writing two argumentative historical essays

This AP is approved by the College Board.

Start On August 27, 2024
Duration 30 weeks
Level AP
Prerequisites No
Day & Time Tuesdays@
UK 3:00 PM
EST 10:00 AM
Price £560.00

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