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AP Microeconomics

About Instructor

Course Overview

Want to learn how individuals and businesses make the decisions that drive our economy? Why is the price for one good higher than another? What affects the supply of a product? Why is petrol heavily taxed? What type of markets do Amazon, Apple, and Wall Mart operate in?  This is the course for you!

You will learn how individuals make decisions ranging from what type of goods to buy to how many hours to work, how companies make decisions about how much labor to hire, to what prices to charge, how businesses operate when faced with different forms of marketplace competition, the benefits of international trade, and the proper role of government in the economy. You will study how to evaluate economic outcomes from the perspective of efficiency and fairness, and discuss the proper role of the government in determining these outcomes. If you are interested in business or government, or just want a good foundation in economic principles, this will be a great course for you.

Course Workload

The primary goal for this course is preparation for the AP exam in Microeconomics. We will pursue a rigorous course of study using college-level materials. The main textbook will be supplemented with outside readings, Khan Academy videos, and interactive activities. An important part of the class will be assignments drawn from previous AP exams. Students will be expected to look for “economics in the news” articles and participate regularly on the discussion board. Students should expect to spend 60-90 minutes per day on this course.

This course will cover all material that is required for the Microeconomics AP® exam. It will cover this material through a mix of intuitive explanations, real-world applications, and graphical and mathematical supplements that explore the content in more depth. By the end of the course, not only will you have an understanding of the most important principles of microeconomics, but you’ll be able to use these principles to better understand the workings of the real world around you!

Who should apply?

Homeschooled students in grades 10-12 for the 2023-2024 school year are welcome. In exceptional circumstances, a grade 9 student may apply. Economics emphasizes analytical reasoning, so those who are strong in math will be at an advantage. Algebra 1 or GCSE maths should be at least taken concurrently.


  • Principles of Economics, by Libby Rittenberg and Timothy Tregarthen. Available for free at https://saylordotorg.github.io/text_principles-of-economics-v2.0/ and as a PDF download here.
  • The only item you have to buy is Jacobs Ultimate Review, but don’t buy it until I give you specific instructions. It will cost $25.
  • All other materials (videos, games, extra readings, etc) are available by free download.


Average of 3.88 compared to national average of 2.96

This AP is approved by the College Board.

Start On August 27, 2024
Duration 30 weeks
Level AP
Prerequisites YES
Day & Time Tuesdays @
UK 2:15 PM
EST 9:15 AM
Price £560.00

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