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AP Human Geography

About Instructor

Course Overview

AP Human Geography covers a broad spectrum of authentic challenges that our world is facing today through the lenses of economic, cultural, political, and urban geography. As your teacher, I endeavour to uptake a spatial and problem-oriented approach giving you scope to grasp concepts and disciplines to its entirety.

The seven units in AP Human Geography, and their weightings on the multiple-choice section of the AP exam, are listed below.

Units Exam Weighting

  1. Thinking Geographically 8-10 %
  2. Population and Migration
    Patterns and Processes 12-17%
  1. Cultural Patterns and Processes 12-17%
  2. Political Patterns and Processes 12-17%
  3. Agriculture and Rural Land-Use
    Patterns and Processes 12-17%
  1. Cities and Urban Land-Use
    Patterns and Processes 12-17%
  1. Industrial and Economic
    Development Patterns and
    Processes 12-17%

Case studies will be drawn from all regions across the globe. Examples of topics that will be covered in the above units include the following:

 Problems of economic development and cultural change.
 Consequences of population growth, changing fertility rates, and international migration.
 Impacts of technological innovation on transportation, communication, industrialisation, and other aspects of human life.
 Struggles over political power and control of territory.
 Conflicts over the demands of ethnic minorities, the role of women in society, and the inequalities between developed and developing economies.
 Why location matters to agricultural land use, industrial development, and urban problems.
 The role of climate change and environmental abuses in shaping the human landscapes on Earth.

The goal for the course is for students to become more geoliterate, more engaged in contemporary global issues, and more informed about multicultural viewpoints.

Course Workload

Students should expect to do 3 hours of learning per week in addition to the one-hour long class.

Exam Overview

The exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes long and includes 60 MCQs equating to 50 % of the weighting and 3 free-response questions equating to the other 50% of the weighting respectively.

Course Skills and Prerequisites

The course content is intended to help students develop the following skills:

 Spatial relationships – via maps and geospatial technologies in specified context.
 Data and source analysis- delving into quantitative and qualitative geographical data sets.
 Critical thinking of texts and graphic images- interpreting cultural landscapes.
 Application of geographic concepts and processes- scale, region, diffusion, interdependence and spatial interaction.

Students will see geography as a discipline relevant to the world in which they live; as a source of ideas for identifying, clarifying, and solving problems at various scales; and as a key component of building global citizenship and environmental stewardship.

This AP is approved by the College Board.

Start On August 27, 2024
Duration 30 weeks
Level AP
Prerequisites No
Day & Time Tuesdays@
12:00 pm
Price £560.00

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