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AP English Literature

About Instructor

Course Overview

In this college-level course, we will have the delight of reading independently and discussing together multiple works of outstanding literature (Fiction, Poetry, and Plays) written between 1500 and today. The selections will reflect a variety of British, American, and international works. Along the way, we will analyze, mostly in writing, aspects of these works that made them renowned.

Big Ideas

· Character

· Setting

· Plot and Structure

· Narrator / Speaker

· Word Choice, Imagery, Symbols

· Comparisons

· Interpretations

Course Workload

· This is a reading intensive course.

· You should expect at least one hour of daily reading, writing, or a mix.

· Plan to submit at least two drafts of all essays for teacher feedback.


There will be lectures interspersed throughout the course to provide foundational teaching on how and what to analyse in different texts. In general, however, this class will be largely interactive as the students will be highly encouraged to participate in discussion. The goal of the course is to prepare for the AP exam, as well as to encourage students to develop an appreciation for the beauty of expression through language.


"John Pontifex is totally analytical with his comments, guidance and direction and conversely has boosted R's confidence and I really recommend him."

A Carter (April '24)

Start On August 29, 2024
Duration 30 weeks
Level AP
Prerequisites No
Day & Time THURSDAYS @
UK 3:00 PM
EST 10:00 AM
Price £560.00

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